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From Bora Bora to the Bahamas, How to Afford the Most Expensive Islands in the

From Bora Bora to the Bahamas, How to Afford the Most Expensive Islands in the
By day, an outfitter like Moana Adventure Tours or Bora Bora Romantic Tour can schedule private excursions ranging from a snorkel safari to a pricier private “motu” picnic, in which you dine à deux on Polynesian barbecue on a tiny islet, snorkel with …
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Pain and Pleasure at the 2014 Bora Bora KXT Ironmana
Did we mention that this competition is held on Bora Bora, in the islands of French Polynesia, one of the most postcard-worthy places on Earth? Of the competitors called to suffer in this tropical wonderland—both talented Tahitian locals and …
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Far-flung and fantastic: Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
In his 18 years working for Four Seasons, Michel Volk has literally toured the world – from London to Vail to elephant camp in Thailand – but he says none of his eight stops can rival the ocean beauty of his current job as general manager of the Four …
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If Bora-Bora doesn't care about the game, why should we?
This was written in a cave somewhere in Greater Bora Bora. The column was floated across the ocean in an RC Cola bottle to this newspaper. (I have no idea how the editors got it from bottle to print. I assumed that if editors can figure out where …
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The Hotel Bora Bora Might Be Resurrected Again Soon
And Hotel Bora Bora is already listed as an Amanresort. It's just "Closed for reconstruction." Or is there another Russian billionaire in the mix now? We think it's more likely that Doronin is buying up new properties to turn into Aman Resorts …
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The 12 biggest bucket list let downs
Bora Bora. Bora Bora was a snore. Sure, it's pretty, but so are a dozen other closer, cheaper, friendlier islands. It was on my bucket list as the tropical ideal, the ultimate island paradise, but it's really just a long strip of hideously overpriced …
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